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Video: Supernatural
Audio: Snow Patrol – Somewhere a Clock is Ticking
Premiere Date: 2013
Status: Downloadable, Streamable
Genre(s): Drama, Serious, Action
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Categories: Music videos

Original description:

This was.. Quite an undertaking. Stumbled over the song, immediately thought I could make a music video using “Watchmen”. Then for whatever reason I told myself “Supernatural” would fit better. I only make one music video a year these days, and this one struck me in february 2013. I put this off many times, because I got stuck. I completed the bulk of it around April, then waited for season 8 to end. I finished it up in the last few weeks of august.

This was an experiment with mattes. So many mattes… I like the outcome, but it’s very time consuming. 1 hour to complete about 10 seconds, that’s not counting the time it took to make all the mattes. And there are so many episodes of this show. I will probably not edit something from a show with so many episodes ever again. To be frank, without the episode summaries from wikipedia and the “character appearances” sections of the supernatural wiki, this thing would have never been completed. Ever.

I ended up trimming down the song a bit. It still works well.
Originally this was only doing seasons 1 – 5, but then I switched it around so now it has all the big plot points between Sam, Dean, and Castiel from seasons 1 – 8. The video does not follow the series timeline rigidly. I took artistic liberty in attempt to create a cohesive music video storyline, so it made sense just watching the video, and you don’t ask why something is suddenly this or that. I tried very hard to avoid random scenes that would take away the overall feel. So some things that you may have expected to see are not there. And one major thing is that demon and soulless sam are combined in this. I don’t consider it AU. Just storytelling with a strict time limit.

Well, I’ve pretty much written a novel now, so… Have at the video.


If you’re interested in the creative process, I’ve uploaded all the betas. Several sections of the video were completely redone multiple times. I’m really proud of my demon!Sam sequences… Too bad they had to be scrapped in the end. Oh well.

B3 01:36 – original Sam & yellow eye death
B4 01:45 – modified Sam & yellow eye death
B5 02:16 – original demon!sam & Dean rising sequence
B6 03:02 – original angels arc sequence, demon!sam death, & purgatory intro
B7 02:16 – modified demon!sam sequence
B8 02:26 – modified castiel intro, deleted the rest. This is where the final product grows from.