Les Quatre Bornes

Video: Air
Audio: Hurts – Illuminated
Premiere Date: 2012
Status: Downloadable, Streamable
Genre(s): Character Profile, Other
Cons/Awards: n/a
Outside Links: character site | book site
Categories: Music videos, Trailers, Miscellaneous

Originally created as a trailer for a book I planned on writing. The book ended up focusing on some different themes, but the trailer still holds up well. Quatre Bornes, or “Q” is a character I have been developing since 2004. The anime “Air” has a character that looks similar, so I used it as video source.

The sketches were done by varying artists, none of which are myself. They were done on commission and do represent the Q character.

The video has rotoscoped components (meaning I went frame by frame to achieve a certain look). I added tails to each scene which required them, and added a blood stain to one scene.


Please note that this video does rip scenes and edits straight from another AMV. I didn’t ask permission and never credited them before now (2021). At the time, this was a personal project just for me and I didn’t intend to really share it beyond a roleplaying context.
But now that I am archiving AMVs, I feel this needs to be said and proper credit given.

Most of the Air scenes came from Worlds Unbroken by Silver moon and Sierra Lorna (Dark Moon Studios). Youtube link.
Worlds Unbroken: