Video: Supernatural
Audio: Balmorhea, audio From video Source
Balmorhea – Truth; TV audio
Premiere Date: 2013
Status: Downloadable, Streamable
Genre(s): Character Profile, Sentimental
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Shortly after finishing my “Supernatural – Anything” video, I became inspired by a few other SPN fan videos that combined show dialogue and a song from Balmorhea. I got all my footage together again and decided to do a quick Bobby Singer tribute. Bobby is/was my favorite Supernatural character and I think there is someone in everyone’s life that is similar to Bobby. The writers of Supernatural are phenomenal people who develop all their characters so completely… It is inspiring. This video pulls at my heart strings every time. It almost hurt to edit it.

This video was very close to me because I, myself, have had family problems and have adopted new families over the course of my life. Being accepted as a family member to people you are not blood-related to is such a special and unique feeling, and it is that feeling that I wanted to incorporate in this video and the dialogue presented. Bobby went from an unremarkable, meaningless life to one filled with joy. He got three sons(Sam, Dean, & Cas), all of whom cared deeply for him. I don’t think he could’ve died happier with all he had accomplished.