Iron Chef’s Been Done Before

Video: FLCL, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ah! My Goddess (movie), Excel Saga, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Spriggan (movie), Bo-bobo, Gundam Seed
Audio: Barenaked Ladies – It’s All Been Done
Premiere Date: 2004
Status: Downloadable, Not Streamable
Genre(s): Comedy, Other
Cons/Awards: Techwood Con 2004. Won the live Iron Chef contest against AMV_4000
Outside Links: .org | Addiction’s Video
Categories: Music videos, Time Challenges & Prompts

Original description:

So please stop giving me reviews that say it’s crappy! I already know that!

Well, when I first started this Iron Chef battle against Addiction Music Videos, I figured I’d just put random stuff to fit the music and think of how it related to the theme Mr. Pilkington assigned us(“Rebirth”) later.

As I got further into the song, I decided upon a plot… Sort of, anyway. With the chorus going, “It’s all been done before”, I figured I could put in scenes that have been used countless times in noob videos and hoped the audience got it.

Well, during that time, I was making my climax in the video, and conveniently forgot to save. Premiere then crashed, and I lost a whole minute of my timeline. I yelled some profanity and then rebuilt my timeline. But Premiere crashed again.

At that point, Add had gone “Finished!” and was exporting his video. I was SO sure I’d lost, I decided to pull something out of my ass.

I said to myself, “What can I do to make it LOOK like I synched…” I promptly came up with the font, and some other random things that annoyed me in n00b videos that I could use given the footage assigned.

At the time, Pilk had issued a rule. He said that Add couldn’t use font at all, and I couldn’t import pre-made Bitmap images. So using the font was a risk. I didn’t know if I was allowed to or not at the time. Since I figured I already lost, I did it anyway, hence the “I bet I’m disqualified now, but it was fun anyway” caption.

So yeah. That’s the story of why my AMV suddenly seems to change theme halfway through it.

Also, when the “I bet Add and Pilk hate me now” text comes along, I didn’t mean for the whole scene to move. I just wanted the font to move. So I guess something went wrong and I didn’t preview it because at that point I only had 5 minutes left….

…Add should’ve won. I guess I won cause mine was funny, but in technical aspects, Add had a GREAT timeline.

SQ-Iron Chef2004.mpg