Knives’ View

Video: Trigun
Audio: Deftones – Change (in the house of flies)
Premiere Date: 2004
Status: Downloadable, Streamable
Genre(s): Character Profile, Drama, Action
Cons/Awards: n/a
Outside Links: .org
Categories: Music videos, Featured videos

Original description:

After working on this for months, I had exported a “finished” beta. Around the same time, I needed to reformat my computer and lost valuable project files, resulting in never being able to polish off the finished video so it looked better. With the beta the only thing I had left, I simply released this video as it was with no intention on making it again.

Lyrical reference:

I = Knives
You = Vash

If you’ve seen the TV show, this AMV more or less tells the story backwards, and through Knives’s point of view (hence the AMV’s title).
It begins with Knives and Vash as kids, and as Vash seems to change into a more “good willed” person, Knives doesn’t want him to and thus tries to change Vash to be “bad” by torturing him, publically humiliation, etc.
In the end, Vash still becomes a better person. And as Vash grows, he attempts to change Knives for the better. Unfortunately this ideas “Blows me away” (symbolically destroys knives). From then on, the AMV focuses on all of Vash’s good deeds despite his crappy reputation.

Despite the entire song being about change, the AMV is really about how people will never actually fully change. The deal is that Knives believes Vash(his brother) started out like him(evil) and then changed into something else. In actuality, this is not true. Vash was always his own person(thus good). Knives was wishing for a brother in arms and when he found he wasn’t getting one, he tried to fabricate one. But in the end it all failed and each of them still wound up being themselves (one evil and one good).

This is one of my favorite AMV (concepts) I’ve done and hopefully one day I will remake it.