Nobody Loves Yuna (HD Remaster)

Video: Final Fantasy X
Audio: Garbage – (song)
Premiere Date: 2020
Status: Downloadable, Streamable
Genre(s): Drama, Serious
Cons/Awards: n/a
Outside Links: Original: .org Editor, video entry, Youtube upload | Remaster: .org
Categories: Music videos, Featured videos, Remakes & Remasters

Started: 10/10/2020
Finished: 10/14/2020
Work hours: 6hr 47min

HD Remaster of “Nobody Loves Yuna,” which was originally edited by Princess Buzzy / android18 on the .org.
Original .org entry
Original YT video

Remade Video

I tried to be frame accurate, but there were aspect ratio, color, speed, and frame alterations between the SD & HD releases of FFX. I tried to replicate the SD version as closely as possible, but due to how FFX HD was made, the footage will never be exactly the same as the original release of FFX.

Changes/Fixes in the GMV Remaster:
– Dips to color and some scenes were changed so they were the same size as the rest of the AMV.
– Omitted stray frames from crossfades.
– Original AMV was interlaced. Remastered AMV is progressive.
– Omitted ending evilseductress url since the site no longer exists.

– I also made the following minor edits:
— Changed the beginning so it fades in from black
— Changed the white flash transitions at 2:21 and 3:53 to be 2 consecutive fast dips and a longer fade out.

Comparison video:

This GMV/AMV was originally made in 2002 on Windows Movie Maker. The editor has never had much of an online presence, but “Nobody Loves Yuna” has always been my favorite GMV to date. It’s one of those AMVs that you picture any time you hear the song. In fact this AMV got me into Garbage.
I rewatch it pretty often and I think it’s shameful that the video quality doesn’t hold up.
So I finally re-created it myself using the HD Remaster of FFX, and decided to share it with others. Maybe this GMV will finally get the attention it deserves.

Final Fantasy X – Nobody Loves Yuna is the original GMV file.