Video: Rise of the Guardians
Audio: Submersed – Hollow
Premiere Date: 2020 v1: 18 sep | v2: 22 sep | comparison: 19 oct
Status: Downloadable, Streamable
Genre(s): Character Profile, Action
Cons/Awards: v2: AWA Expo 2020
Outside Links: n/a
Categories: Music videos, Remakes & Remasters

I hesitate to call this a remake, because what really happened is more like I released a beta version and then decided I needed to update.

Originally started 9/18/2020. All finished 9/22/2020

Everything all included took 15hrs 20min.

Comparison video description: (released 19 oct 2020)

Made a video as a joke, got too attached, fixed it up. Vid isn’t very useful unless you like to compare late stage betas to finished product.
v1 is on the left. v2 is on the right.

v1 video and description: (released 18 sep 2020)

You ever wake up and feel like you need to shove angst somewhere it doesn’t belong?

This was made in ~7.5 hours. Audio does weird things, sorry. I might fix it up if I decide to submit it to some contest (which is doubtful) but otherwise I wanted to be done with this. It started as a joke and I already spent too much time on it.
I had to get creative with the fight scenes but other than that it came together pretty easily.


I made a uh…. really bad mask to change the ending. The hand is from How to train your dragon.

v2/final video and description: (released 22 sep 2020)

This started as a joke, I released a v1, even. Then I got too attached to it so I fixed it up and released a better version.
~15hrs for this.