Destiny’s Journey

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Video: Wolf's Rain
Audio: Taheny & Reid – An Immigrant’s Daughter
Premiere Date: 2004
Status: Downloadable, Streamable
Genre(s): Drama, Serious
Cons/Awards: n/a
Outside Links: .org
Categories: Music videos

Original description:

This video was completed in 9 hours.

Lyrical Reference:

Immigrant’s daughter = Cheza (pink hair/red eyes girl)
Me/My/I = Kiba (white wolf)
They = the prophecy (book)
We/Our = Cheza + all wolves and humans on the journey

Generally speaking, the AMV is a literal interpretation of the lyrics, in that what is being said is what’s actually happening (story-wise) in the AMV.


Since many people seemed to have missed it, Kiba’s eyes open in the end of the AMV. This signifies that he is dead. The whole video is a euphemism for “Failed Journey”. Even if you try really hard, you can still lose.
Why I picked his eyes opening is because (apparently unknown to most) when you die, your eyes reflexively open. So I was just being biologically(?) correct here.

At the time, I only had a bootleg version of the Wolf’s Rain DVD set. The last 4 episodes were released on a separate DVD, which I was able to rip for this AMV. The rest of the series I could not rip for some reason, so this AMV only contains scenes from the last 4 episodes.