Zidane’s Home

Video: Final Fantasy IX
Audio: Yoko Kanno – Sora
Premiere Date: 2003
Original: 16 June 2003 | Remaster: 30 September 2020
Status: Downloadable, Streamable
Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Serious
Cons/Awards: Original: Anime Weekend Atlanta 9 (2003) Expo | Remake: n/a
Outside Links: .org
Categories: Music videos, Remakes & Remasters

(original description of video lost)

I originally made this video in 2003. And I THINK the story behind it was that Zidane’s home was next to Garnet or in her heart or something like that.
I always liked the video, but I somehow lost the file for several years. Eventually, someone contacted me on the .org and gave me their copy of it, and I was able to have it again.

Then, 30 September 2020, I finally remade the video. When I remade it, I briefly renamed the video “Sora.” I’ve since backtracked and gone back to calling it “Zidane’s Home”.

Here is the description from the remake, which uses the same .org catalog entry page:

I’ve redone this AMV using the Steam release of FF9 for HD.
I’ve made some changes, but the overall feel is the same.

There was one scene I just could not find (????) so I kinda winged it, but otherwise this is 99% true to the original.
I always liked this simple AMV, so one day (30 Sep 2020) I decided to recreate it with HD footage.

I am not sure why I called this “Zidane’s Home” though. To me it’s more about his and Dagger’s love. When I found the file it was just named Sora. That’s what I’m going to refer to it as from now on.

Direct link links to HD Youtube version.

Note: I didn’t bother trying to be frame accurate. I just chose the same scenes.
Original fps was 29.97 and new is 60fps so it might look a bit wonky in the comparison video.

Stream 2020 HD Remaster: