The Best of Ctrl + C/V/Z

Video: Ctrl + C/V/Z (animated webcomic), Sonic Advance
Audio: Kosaka Riyu – True ~Trance Mix~
Premiere Date: 2003
Status: Downloadable, Not Streamable
Genre(s): Comedy, Parody, Fun, Other
Cons/Awards: n/a
Outside Links: .org
Categories: Music videos

Original description:

Hmmm, well….

I was bored one day
I love the comic Ctrl + C/V/Z ( )
I had always dreamed of a doing an AMV using GIFs of my favorite webcomics anyway….
So, I talked it over with MaxX, the maker of Ctrl + C/V/Z, and he said sure, so I know have made my very first piece of webcomic fanart.

This video was made entirely from animated gifs.