Video: Togainu no Chi (Bloody Curs)
Audio: Shinedown – The Crow and the Butterfly
Premiere Date: 2012
Status: Downloadable
Genre(s): Character Profile, Drama, Serious, Sentimental
Cons/Awards: n/a
Outside Links: .org
Categories: Music Videos

At its heart, Borders is focused on Friend A joining a gang but still somehow remaining himself, and Friend B going to “save” friend A, but instead winds up addicted to drugs and turning into a coldhearted killer (Whether Friend B actually kills people or the montages are just metaphors for how bad drugs/trips are is for the audience to decide).

That being said, I made two versions of the video. One with text, and one without. The text version has text basically navigating you through the story. Some dialogue but mostly narration. I tried to keep it as short and vague as possible so it could help anybody relate.

I added text mostly as my own foray into a video with text, since I always wanted to do one. I think Borders stands well enough on its own, however, so consider the text an ‘extra’ feature, if you’re so inclined to download that version.