Video: Gurren Lagann
Audio: Kevin Rudolf, Lil Wayne – Let it Rock
Premiere Date: 2010
Status: Downloadable
Genre(s): Character Profile, Action, Sentimental
Cons/Awards: n/a
Outside Links: .org
Categories: Music Videos, Featured Videos

Was making this my masterpiece, uploading betas of progress. About 3/4ths of the way in, I was deployed (I’m US Navy). My HDD died during the move to a ship. I lost everything. Here’s the last beta I had. It’s crappy quality because it was only meant as a beta…
This is mostly an action video, but essentially just summarizes the entire series. For a more in-depth description of the video as it is now and the video as it was eventually supposed to look like, view the .org link.

Interested in the creative process? I uploaded many betas while making this. All links are WMVs.

First cut; getting idea(s) together.
[Direct Link to Beta 1]

Small scene changes and tightened up timing
[Direct link to beta 2]

Introduced AE notes (for future reference); small scene changes (notably “Let it rock” chorus was entirely changed); progressed further into the song
[Direct link to beta 3]

Actually did some of the AE work; tightened up timing in the latter half
[Direct link to beta 4]

Tightened up pre-existing AE work; added some more
[Direct link to beta 5]

Changed the stupid glow thing at 0:12 for THE LAST TIME; subtitle removal; finally fixed aspect ratio problem
[Direct link to beta 6]

[Direct link to beta 7]
The most intense masks so far are at the end of this one. Fixed up terrible stroke with mask at 0:58ish, added all the new AE work.
By the way, I have no idea what I originally intended for the song opening so I’m just going to leave that there for now and not mask anything…
Maybe I’ll roto some video credits in there or something.

This is a screencap of a lagarith encode.

I managed to finish most of Lil wayne’s solo today – what I thought would have to be done entirely in After effects, I mostly did through motion effects in Premiere. I did make an EARLY “girls test” wmv… I guess if you want to know KIND OF what I already did you can view that but ehhh.
[Direct link to ‘girls test’ wmv]

[Direct link to beta 8]
I tweaked a lot of everything, several times. I should probably have another beta up today… I am in the process of finishing up the small timing things (small electronic noise, drum beats, etc.).

Beta 9 is what ended up being the final version. After beta 9 was created, my harddrive crashed.