Video: Shadow Hearts, Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Audio: Ingrid Michaelson – Time Machine
Premiere Date: 2019
Status: No Download Links
Genre(s): Romance, Action
Cons/Awards: n/a
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Categories: Music Videos, Featured Videos

Tribute to my favorite video game series. :)

They are cult classics now. The gameplay for Shadow Hearts 1 doesn’t really hold up in my opinion, but the monster designs, story, and music, are great. Best monster designs and music, definitely.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant (SH2) is much more fun to play, the music is just as good if not a little better, and the story is a little more intriguing. SH2 is a direct sequel, but fully recaps SH1 within the game, so if you only ever get a chance to play one game, go for SH2.

That being said, this video 100% spoils the ending to both SH1 and SH2, including a somewhat major “twist” in SH2.