Les Quatre Bornes

Video: Air
Audio: Hurts – Illuminated
Premiere Date: 2012
Status: Downloadable
Genre(s): Character Profile, Other
Cons/Awards: n/a
Outside Links: character site | book site | Art gallery
Categories: Music Videos, Trailers, Miscellaneous

Originally created as a trailer for a book I planned on writing. The book ended up focusing on some different themes, but the trailer still holds up well. Quatre Bornes, or “Q” is a character I have been developing since 2004. The anime “Air” has a character that looks similar, so I used it as video source.

The sketches were done by varying artists, none of which are myself. They were done on commission and do represent the Q character.

The video has rotoscoped components (meaning I went frame by frame to achieve a certain look). I added tails to each scene which required them, and added a blood stain to one scene.