There Are Two (2) Millenial Non-Binary Hoes Inside You

Video: Sk8 the Infinity
Audio: Boyinaband – Life is Fun
Premiere Date: 2021
Status: Downloadable, Streamable
Genre(s): Comedy, Fun
Cons/Awards: won “Avocado Toast Award” at AWA Expo 2021
Outside Links: n/a
Categories: Music videos, Time Challenges & Prompts, Award Winning

The english dub of Sk8 to the Infinity was pretty hilarious and some clips got pretty popular on my twitter feed. One of those was the actor saying “Hey bitches and bros and non-binary hoes!”
I thought it was funny and found this song that pretty perfectly encapsulated the millennial experience. So I named the video after that and the “there are two wolves inside you” meme.

I made this for a week-long sk8 IC in the AMV Sashimi server. This took about 8 hours for me to make.

The alternative/SFW title is “Two (2) Millennials”

SQ-There Are Two (2) Millenial Non-Binary Hoes Inside You 2021.mp4