The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

Video: Batman: Under the Red Hood, Batman: Assault on Arkham, Batman: Bad Blood, Batman: Death in the Family (interactive movie), Batman: Hush, Batman: The Killing Joke, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Batman vs Robin, Young Justice (tv)
Audio: Balmorhea, audio From video Source – Remembrance, + others (see description)
Premiere Date: 2021, 2022
Status: Downloadable, Streamable
Genre(s): Character Profile, Drama, Serious, Action
Cons/Awards: Anime Weekend Atlanta Expo 2022: Best Character Profile
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Categories: Music videos, Featured videos, Award Winning, Educational

Original youtube description:

What if everything that happened between Jason and Batman were simultaneously canon?
[contains color-coded subtitles]

Video + Audio: Batman: Assault on Arkham, Bad Blood, Death in the Family (interactive), Hush, The Killing Joke, Under the Red Hood, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Batman vs Robin, Young Justice
Audio only: Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4), Supernatural (TV)
Music: Balmorhea – Remembrance

Work time: ~27 hours
Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

I used to help isolate the vocals for the spoken parts.

I was watching a ton of Jason Todd AMVs and one of the things I disliked was the inconsistency between the voices used. So for this video, I decided to use only Jensen Ackles’ voice, who voiced Jason in the original Red Hood movie as well as played Dean Winchester in the “Supernatural” show.
I updated the video slightly after I uploaded to youtube, but I never re-uploaded.
v1 = youtube version
v2 = altered/improved version
.smi = subtitles for youtube
.ass = original subtitle file
B folder is betas

Forcing a narrative through scene selection / identifying seamless transition material for AMVs
Released 11 Jan 2022

This is like editing 101 here but it would’ve helped me when I first started years ago so I decided to make it.

This is all from my “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far” vid, which can be found here:…

Also making GOOD educational vids is very hard and time consuming and also kind of a different skillset from regular editing so once again I apologize for being lazy and/or not good at it lol.