Video: Invincible (2021)
Audio: OK Go – Invincible
Premiere Date: 2021
Status: Downloadable, Streamable
Genre(s): Character Profile, Action, Other
Cons/Awards: n/a
Outside Links: n/a
Categories: Music videos, Time Challenges & Prompts

Original description:

So Please… Use your powers for good… 😢

Invincible AKA “Tone Shift”
Enjoy this 4hr edit I made while I should’ve been editing something else 🙃
It’s got spoilers but like, not a lot of them? It’s not as revealing as other Invincible videos anyway.

Regardless, this entire video was just an excuse to do the title thing with a pun.

Made in 4 hours, 28 minutes. I made this to wind down from my AWA PRO entry (Avant Garde). I was having a lot of issues and stress related to that video, so I ended up editing a lot of short stuff to “de-stress” from that.

SQ – Invincible 2021.mp4