Lazy Daze Bday 2020

Video: Fruits Basket (2019)
Audio: Pink Martini – Clementine
Premiere Date: 2020
Status: Downloadable, Not Streamable
Genre(s): Other, Sentimental
Cons/Awards: n/a
Outside Links: n/a
Categories: Music videos, Abandoned, Time Challenges & Prompts, MEP Parts

Espressoyourself came to me with a collab idea using Fruits Basket to this song for Lazy Daze’s birthday. I started my part around 11 November and finished on 25 November.
Espresso never finished her part, so this was never released anywhere… Until now.

I made a trailer as well as my part of the collab (it was just my part with “To be continued” at the end of it).

Lazy Daze is obsessed with Fruits Basket, and in our private server (FravBox) she assigned us “Fruitsonas” which I tried to incorporate into the video.

Here are the assignments:
Meru = hanajima (black braid)
Keiichi = arisa (long blonde hair)
Syn = hatsu haru
Vars = kyo
Seasons = hatori (dr)
Kaga = shigure (main adult)
Vuro = Rin – isuzu
Kat = kisa (blonde kid)
Espresso = kagura (kat but brown hair)
fel = yuki (silver main char)
koji = ritsu