Video: Speed Grapher
Audio: Tommee Profitt – Cruel World
Premiere Date: 2019
Status: Downloadable, Streamable
Genre(s): Drama
Cons/Awards: Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019 PRO contest
Outside Links: .org
Categories: Music videos, Featured videos

Original description:

This was purely fueled by the fact that I’d never seen a good Speed Grapher AMV. I took a long time on it, cleaning up the DVDs and trying new things. I had expected it to take much longer but finished before the AWA PRO 2019 deadline, so figured I’d submit it and give it a shot.

It didn’t make the finals or anything, but I still like the video, and had fun participating in the PRO contest for the first time. I already have plans for next year.

Special thanks to ZephyrStar for putting up with me through this trying time lol

I heavily recommend watching the Speed Grapher anime. But for those who will never have a plan to, the anime is about this princess girl’s bodily fluids giving people with certain genes special powers related to their fetishes. The girl is brainwashed and experimented on to keep her pre-pubescent and compliant. A huge political secret society/fetish club is built around her. My AMV downplays a lot of the really freaky stuff that happens, but is ultimately about the guy saving the girl from her imprisonment.
The main character (Saiga) is an ex-war photographer who sneaks into the club to expose it. He is captured and as punishment, got the kiss form the girl (if you don’t have the special gene for the powers, you die when kissed). Turns out he has the gene and his special ability is now that anything he takes a picture of will explode.

The AMV was tentatively titled “Lolita” before I settled on the final title. Anything labeled lolita is a beta.
All the betas are for the full video. It looks like I was just doing very small changes and exporting the whole timeline each time.
Notable files are:
lolita1 – full amv with no effects
lolita4 – the first time I start added some effects
lolita7 – I added some kind of emboss effect for a lot of the beats. Ultimately this was discarded for the final draft.

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