Project KuT-Up (MEP)

Video: Final Fantasy IX, Trigun, Escaflowne (movie), Card Captor Sakura (first movie), Spriggan (movie), Akira (movie), Berserk, Gasaraki, Hellsing, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Ninja Scroll (movie), Samurai X - Trust & Betrayal, Trust & Betrayal), Spawn (animated), Steel Angel Kurumi 2, Bastard!, Golden Boy, Laputa, Castle in the Sky, Memories: Magnetic Rose, RahXephon (TV), Samurai X - Reflection, Reflection), Tokyo Babylon, Witch Hunter Robin
Audio: Korn – A.D.I.D.A.S., Alone I Break, Blind, Clown, Did My Time, Falling Away From Me, Freak on a Leash, Got the Life, Here To Stay, Lets Get This Party Started, Make Me Bad, Right Now, Shoots and Ladders, Somebody Someone, Thoughtless
Premiere Date: 2004
Status: Downloadable, Streamable
Genre(s): Character Profile, Fun, Horror, Serious, Action, Other, Dance
Cons/Awards: Unknown
Outside Links: .org Full MEP page | .org I Need (dropped part)
Categories: Music videos, MEP Parts, Full MEPs

(Description from BigDude):

After a long 9 months of hard work, long rendering hours, and 16 editors it is finnaly complete. The long awaited Project KuT-up. We had a good start to this project in the beginning, though a few tracks were a little less then neglected for a while, they were eventally taken — and well done.
I’d like to thank everyone who participated on this project and contibuted their efforts. Also a special thanks to DrngdKreationz for the “KuT-up” text effects you see in the intro and at the end of the credits.

See individual editor comments on the .org page. You can also download the MEP from the local link on the .org.

Below are the download links for all my Kut-Up segments as well as the full MEP:

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I Need

Completed 29 February 2004

Video: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Audio: Korn – Make Me Bad
Genre(s): Action

Before Advent Children was officially released, there was a lot of hype surrounding it. Extended trailers and the like. I used that as the footage. At the time, the footage was hard to come by and even harder to get in good quality. This video was essentially me showing off. It was originally intended for a multi-editor project known as Project KuT-Up. This particular segment was tossed and I edited another one to take its place instead.

This video is simply mindless action.


Completed 26 March 2004

Video: Card Captor Sakura (first movie)
Audio: Korn – Make me Bad
Genre(s): Drama, Action

Unreleased on the .org, this was the official segment that took place of the Advent Children “I Need” short. This is essentially a retelling of the CCS movie. It came out very good.

FF9 – A Part

Completed 4 October 2004 (approximately)

Video: Final Fantasy IX
Audio: Korn – Freak on a Leash
Genre(s): Character Profile, Action
Unreleased on the .org, this was one of my official segments for the multi-editor “Project KuT-Up“. This is actually an homage to one of my first music videos. I had always wanted to remake it but never got the chance. So instead I converted it into this MEP segment, and here you have it.