Gundam Kombat

Video: Gundam Wing
Audio: Mortal Kombat OST – Mortal Kombat
Premiere Date: 2003
Status: Downloadable, Streamable
Genre(s): Parody, Action
Cons/Awards: n/a
Outside Links: .org
Categories: Music videos

Original description:

Well this one is interesting.

I’m sitting in Mass Media/video productions class, and yet again we have to make a music video.
I find myself with the Mortal Kombat OST and one single dubbed Gundam Wing VHS.
Hoo boy.

Using Casablanca AVIO, I manage to make a decent AMV, LIP SYNCHED(you have no idea how impossible this is with AVIO), and I found it funny.

I’m not sure if I got the song title right, as the CD broke in half a long time a go and I threw it away.
I do know it was one of the themes, but it had the random characters’ lines in it.

Like, The thunder god dude would go “Test your Might” and “Let the battle begin!”
Then the main character(I forgot what his name was) would say “Let’s dance” and “I am the chosen one, alright?”

And the girl character would say something.

Well, I forget what the actual castings were, but Treize was a man, Zechs was the thunder god guy, Heero was the main character, and Lt. Noin was the main woman character.

The thing I really liked about this AMV was that there are very distinguishable beats while people are talking. And I remember synching Lt. Noin. Every drumbeat during her line(s), I would change the position of her face, switch scenes. But she would still lip synch.
It was a great accomplishment on my behalf, and I have never tried it since(even though I use Premiere, now).

The only problem with the AMV is that I dubbed it to VHS, and in the process of dubbing, an error occurred that I could not fix. Believe me, for a week the teacher and I tried to fix it to no avail.
Basically, there’s this random grey flash.

SQ-gundam wing mortal kombat2003.mp4