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Video: Pokemon: Spell of the Unown (3rd movie)
Audio: Wayne Static – Not Meant for Me
Premiere Date: 5 November 2003
Genre(s): action, drama, character profile
Cons/Awards: n/a
Outside Links: .org
Categories: Music videos, Featured videos

Original description:

This video has nothing to do with Ash, and everything to do with Entei.
On the whole, it’s basically a retelling of the 3rd movie with a focus on Entei’s point of view.

At heart, it is a euphemism for people (the girl) taking storybooks too seriously and wishing(through Unown) that things(Entei) would “play their roles” (Entei = replacement father; Ash’s mom = replacement for girl’s mom). The overall lesson is that you should ultimately just accept reality, because otherwise you’re just putting yourself (and others) through a lot of unneeded hardship.

Lyrical reference:
You = humans
Me = Entei
We = Unown and Entei
Jury = Ash and Co. (Symbolic of you the viewer)